This sand-resistant, quick-drying beach towel will replace all other towels

Say goodbye to those bulky, unwieldy, space-hogging towels of the past. You know, the ones you cram in your tote to take to the beach and then shove back inside at the end of the day — full of sand and grime, always slightly damp and always a bit stinky. That’s not the case with the Dock & Bay microfiber beach towel.

It’s handy. It’s convenient. It comes in a huge assortment of colors. And most of all, it works. I’m a mom, and yes, I get unduly excited about products that are easy on the wallet and big on effectiveness.

Alex, my son, wrapped up in his new favorite towel.Courtesy of Donna Freydkini

The towelgrabs the moisture right off your skin. It seems to be allergic to sand, meaning those pesky granules don’t stick to it and don’t wind up at the bottom of your bags, on your clothes or in your shoes. It’s the perfect size for a beach chair. And, it’s so lightweight that you could carry a half-dozen and not even notice.

Here in New York, where I live, I often take my son out for pool or beach days, meaning I lug around shoulder-breaking bags full of supplies. I’m so happy I found these towels, because they’re tiny, effective and adorable.

Plus, they’re the perfect space-saving, lightweight and quick-drying solution for kids who take swim classes and have to bring towels with them.

And, the $20 price isn't bad!

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