Test for genetic disorders at home with Eugene Labs kit

Couples planning on having a baby can get a test to screen for 300 serious genetic diseases.

For first time in Australia, couples hoping to conceive will be able to find out whether they risk passing on genetic disorders to their baby from the comfort of their home.

The Australian reports that Melbourne start-up Eugene Labs has produced a clinical grade genetic test service that will include a spit-kit and online genetic counselling.

Co-founder Kunal Kalro said the test would address traditional bias towards the Caucasian population in screening.

"Women, people of colour, every minority group... it's a significant problem that the data sets were so biased, and I was interested to see what kind of solutions could be created to help address the gap.''

Mr Kalro said 20 percent of infant deaths were due to genetic disorders.

Disorders commonly screened for include cystic fibrosis, Tay Sachs disease, and inherited disorders affecting haemoglobin.

Couples will have access to medical-grade testing to give then knowledge about 300 genetic disorders.


Typically genetic testing has had to be done out of the home. Source: iStock.

The future of genetic testing is here

Mr Kalro said genetic counselling was an important part of the service.

"All couples are provided with genetic counselling and that's a really important part of what we do. People need to know what the implications of their results are, and we want all of our results to be actionable.''

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Melbourne IVF founder Dr John McBain said the test would be standard in five years. "My grandchildren will wonder how we did things any other way.''

The test is $479 for individuals and $679 for couples. www.eugenelabs.com

A Paradigm Shift in Genetic Testing


A Paradigm Shift in Genetic Testing