Reddit users reveal the most unusual things people thought were normal

There's an old saying 'you don't know what you don't know'. Well in the case of these poor souls, what they didn't know was quite a lot!

The Amazon reviews you can't help but laugh at

The Amazon reviews you can't help but laugh at 00:15:22

When you're little, you accept the things your family does as normal, it isn't until you're a little older and interacting with people out in the world that you notice that some things might be a bit... Odd. Let us never forget the story of the poop knife.

A post in AskReddit last night posed the question: What strange thing did you find out about someone else that they thought was perfectly normal? And the answers ranged from the mildly odd, to the totally bizarre. Here are some of our favourites.

Nude pooper

"I was talking to my husband on the phone and he told me to hang on, he had to put his clothes back on. He was at work.

"I asked what the hell he was doing and apparently, he always takes all his clothes off to take a dump. Even at work.

"I knew he did it at home but he always would then get in the shower after so I figured it was just a preface to showering.

Say "I love you" whenever you feel it, even if it's 743 times a day. You simply can not spoil a child with too many mushy words of affection and too many smooches. Not possible.

"He said he balances them over the stall door so they don’t get “poop particles” on them. I told him no one else does this.

"He didn’t notice because in the men’s room he’s used for the last 10 years there’s only one stall.

"I’m not sure why no colleague ever asked him why he’s hanging clothes over the stall door..."

- imhappysteven , Reddit.

Men sitting on the toilet bowl

No pants, no problem. Picture: iStock.

Leprechauns aren't real?

"My friend genuinely believed that 'Leprechaun' was just a term for indigenous Irish little people." - RumHamHavoc, Reddit

Is that not how you treat a cold?

"In college, a bunch of friends and I were sitting around talking about things we did as a kid. One of the guys in the group said 'didn't you hate when you got a cold and your mom would give you an enema?' He soon found out that he was the only one." - Dammit_MoonMoon, Reddit

Family toothbrush

"My ex and her entire family share a toothbrush she argued it like they were all sharing a hairbrush.... glad that ended." - schoolsuckass, Reddit

A smiling man with a goatee beard holds a toothbrush loaded with toothpaste up to his mouth.

Picture: iStock

Washing machines take hours

"My roommate in college thought you washed clothes on every single cycle on the washing machine. Our machine had a delicate cycle, a cotton cycle, a solo rinse cycle, a permanent press cycle, etc.

Abide by the three rules of homework. Number one: "Eat the frog," says Ted Theodorou, a middle-school social studies teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia. That's shorthand for "Do the hardest thing first." Rule number two: Put away the phone. Homework time can't be totally tech-free (computers, alas, are often a necessary evil), but it can at least be free of text messages. Rule number three: As soon as assignments are finished, load up the backpack for tomorrow and place it by the door. This is a clear three-step process that kids can internalize, so there's less nagging from you. (Yes!)

"He always complained about the washer taking forever.. its because he was washing his clothes 4-5 times every time he did laundry." - sooner_or_later, Reddit

Thrifty milkers

"I had a friend whose parents would buy a gallon of whole milk and pour half the gallon in another jug, then mix water into both to dilute it.

"She always just thought that other people got a different brand of milk because drinking milk at a friend's house always tasted different.

"Her grandparents did it too. Really weirded me out when I saw her mom just pour milk into an empty jug, and mixing water with it." - Tibbersbear, Reddit


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Vigilant against worms

"My friend thought that everyone was regularly taking worming tablets to stop getting worms. It wasn’t until she got married and told her husband she was going to go pick up their worming tablets that she found out it wasn’t normal." - happy_elephant3