Paeophile priest shot dead months after release from prison

Police are investigating if the father of one of his victims is behind the killing.

An Italian paedophile priest from Naples was shot dead just over a month after he was released from an 11 year and six month jail term for sexually abusing two sisters.

Police are investigating whether the girls’ father could be responsible for the crime, which took place in July 2018 following Matarazzo’s release from prison in June.

One of Guiseppe Matarazzo’s victims took her own life in 2008, shortly after Matarazzo was imprisoned. She was just 15 at the time.

guiseppe funeral

The paedophile's funeral notice

Family suspected

Matarazzo, who was aged 45 at the time of his release from jail, was found with five gun shot wounds to his body, two of which proved to be lethal. Investigators suspect the girls’ family hired a hit man to kill the predatory religious leader.

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Police have recovered a 3.56 magnum they believe to be the weapon used in the crime and arrested two men, 30-year-old Generoso Nastam and 55-year-old Giuseppe Massaro, 55, on Friday.