Mum in hysterics after daughter mistakes tampon for chocolate bar

When her daughter said the "Twix" didn't taste good, Carly quickly realised something wasn't quite right.

This everyday chocolate cake recipe is a simple recipe that kids can make with a bit of help from Mum.

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A mum has revealed the hilarious moment her daughter tried to eat one of her tampons , thinking it was a chocolate Twix bar.

Taking to The Motherload Facebook group, fellow mums were in hysterics after the parent posted a half-chewed image of one of her tampons.

Carly explained her little girl had asked if she could have what she thought was a sweet, which the mum agreed to, thinking she meant a Twix.

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Mum in hysterics when daughter mistakes tampon for Twix. Source: Facebook

"Mum can I eat one of these sweets?"

But when her daughter said the "Twix" didn't taste like chocolate, Carly quickly realised something wasn't quite right.

"'Mum can I eat one of those sweets in the orange wrapper'," the post read.

"(Me thinking she meant a Twix): 'Yes babe, sit at the table though'.

"'Mum, how do I eat it?'

Daughter eats tampon

Mum posts the conversation to Facebook. Image: Facebook

"Mum, it doesn't taste like chocolate"

Try to always use reason not rage. Avoid fighting fire with fire. Be in control of your feelings and your actions so that your children can learn to be in control of theirs.

"'Like you do any chocolate, open it and bite it'.

"'Mum, it doesn't taste like chocolate'."

Alongside the caption, Carly posted a hilarious image of a half-chewed tampon - and other parents were in hysterics.

One said they were "howling" while another agreed the mum had "made her night" with the hilarious story.

And dozens of other mums revealed their own children had made similar mistakes.

"Mine thought they were sweets when they were younger," commented one.

While another said: "[I] went upstairs when my lot were little to find sanitary pads all over the windows.... They told me they were playing with airplanes."

This article was previously appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.