Former gymnast Shawn Johnson is pregnant — see the joyful announcement

Congratulations are in order for Shawn Johnson East — and this time it's not for winning a gold medal on the balance beam or a mirror ball trophy in the ballroom .

The current kudos are all due to the happy news she just shared: The former Olympic gymnast and husband Andrew East are expecting a baby later this year!

"We cannot WAIT to welcome you to the world and shower you with love." East wrote alongside a sweet photo featuring the couple and her brand-new baby bump. She added, "@andrewdeast WE DID IT!"

And East, who's a long snapper for the Washington Redskins, shared an announcement with his own followers, too.

Captioned "coming 2019," his post features a video clip of the pair holding up a pair of white baby shoes.

The parents-to-be, both 27, linked to each other's accounts but also to another account in their messages — the one they've already set up for their bundle of joy, aka Baby East.

But the Instagram announcements (which even included one from

) were only part of the celebration.

Over on YouTube, the couple spilled the beans with a video showing the moment East revealed she was expecting to him.

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"Are you serious?" he asks her in the cute clip just a second after she hands him a positive pregnancy test. "Are you serious, babe?!"

She was!

If the couple seems absolutely elated about the pregnancy, it's because they truly are thrilled — especially after what they've been through.

It's been a year and a half since East's last pregnancy, which she and her husband only learned about hours before she suffered a miscarriage . The event left her feeling "super emotional" and guilty . But it didn't leave her without hope.

"I have been crying more than I ever have," she said in a video at the time. "But am still optimistic for what is next."

Now that optimism has turned into excitement and we can't wait to meet Baby East!