Dad chats with infant son about TV finale in adorable video

The video starts out with a scene familiar to many with toddlers at home. Dad’s lounging on the couch, watching the finale of Empire, while his son sits up and appears to be watching along. Then Dad, comedian DJ Pryor, starts talking and his son, Kingston Jierre, responds like he understands everything going on in the conversation.“They need to work on that, right?” Pryor says.“Yes,” Kingston agrees decidedly.

“Did you understand it, though?” Pryor asks.

“No,” Kingston says.

The baby asks another question, and then Pryor replies.

“Oh no, no, not this one. This is the grand finale of this one,” he says.

Kingston babbles something that sounds like “this is the last one.”

“Yeah, that’s the last one,” Pryor agrees.

Comedian DJ Pryor always knew his son was chatty and funny. He had no idea that 18-month-old Kingston Jierre would be so popular after a video of them talking about Empire went viral. @comediandjpryor/Instagram

A little bit later, Kingston garbles something and his dad responds as naturally as can be.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! ... We think a lot alike.”

And Kingston the chat with “bye, bye, bye.”

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"He is very animated," Pryor, 30, told TODAY Parents . "He takes after me."When Pryor is home in Clarksville, Tennessee, Kingston follows him around the house and does everything his father does. When working on a stand up bit, Pryor holds a microphone. If he puts the mic down, Kingston picks it up and does his own routine.

"He is walking around and imitating the stand up and he goes 'he he he' at the end," Pryor explained. "It is so funny to him. He keeps doing that until other people laugh."

Dad chats with baby son about TV show in adorable video

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. When someone posted the video on Twitter there was a rare moment of social media harmony when everyone loved it.

“When the baby shook his head ... that’s when I knew they were in fact having a legit conversation,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said:

“This is the BEST baby. All other babies are cancelled.”

While someone noted that the two are watching commercials, most agreed that they admired the dad for encouraging his son to speak and for having a fun, open dialogue.

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“That’s right,” a Facebook user shared, “start the conversation bonding early.”

Another wrote: “That baby boy is gonna be as cute with as much personality as his sweet daddy. Precious!”

Pryor said he and Kingston chat so often that sometimes he forgets Kingston is a toddler.

"He doesn’t see himself as a baby. I don’t see him as a baby," he said.

While DJ Pryor is often on the road because of work, when he is at home he and his son Kingston are constant companions. @comediandjpryor/Instagram

While Pryor isn't surprised everyone loves Kingston, he feels a little pressure thanks to his gregarious son.

"We made a joke," he said. "I have been chasing this dream of making it as this famous actor and comedian for 16 years and Kingston’s walking around like 'Damn dad, it took you 16 years? It only took me one.'"

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