11 school Valentine's Day cards for kids

The holiday season ended just a few weeks ago, but retailers, Pinterest boards and room moms have already set their sights on Valentine's Day.

Want to avoid a handmade card fail? Dreading the thought of helping your child write the names of all twenty classmates on those tiny Valentines? Looking for a way to get creative with your kid's Valentines without subjecting yourself to hot glue burns?

We've got you covered.

From personalized photo cards to those must-have Paw Patrol Valentines , we've rounded up some of the cutest love notes the internet has to offer. And, if you order them early enough, you'll be binging rom-coms on Netflix the night before the class party instead of attempting DIY Valentines for your little loves.

  • 1. Valentine's Super Packs by Peaceable Kingdom, $13 for 28, HearthSong

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Valentine's Super Packs from Peaceable Kingdom


Available in packs of 28, these Valentines come in a variety of themes, from unicorns to paper airplanes. And, at under $10 a pack, each kid can pick their favorite variety to hand out to classmates.

"If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent. " - Bette Davis

  • 2. Playhouse Funny Joke Scratch Off Valentines, $14 for 28, Amazon

Playhouse Funny Joke Scratch-Off Valentines


Bring some silliness to your child's Valentine's Day with these scratch-off joke cards available on Amazon.

  • 3. Kiss Emoji Classroom Valentines, $14 for 15, Minted

Kiss Emoji Classroom Valentine's Day Cards


These personalized classroom Valentines from Minted can feature your child's photo on the back, or a tic-tac-toe game.

  • 4. Dino-mite Eraser Valentine Cards, $22 for 24, Amazon

Dino-Mite Eraser Valentine Cards


Your kid's classmates are bound to roar with delight over these dinosaur Valentines, which come with erasers.

  • 5. Fun Dip Candy and Card Valentines, $13 for 24, Amazon

Fun Dip Valentine Card & Candy Kit


Also available at Walmart .

With a pack of 24 Valentines and Fun Dip packs, this kit is a pretty sweet deal.

  • 6. Home Run Friend Classroom Valentines, $14 for 15, Minted

Home Run Friend Classroom Valentines


Your child can let their classmates know they're MVPs with these personalized Valentines from Minted.

  • 7. Shiny Foil Tattoo Valentines, $13 for 28, Amazon

Shiny Foil Tattoo Valentines


Also available at Walmart .

Instead of candy, the temporary tattoos in this pack make for a fun Valentine's Day treat. Lightning bolts and hearts make the tattoos extra special.

Take charge. Children crave limits, which help them understand and manage an often confusing world. Show your love by setting boundaries so your kids can explore and discover their passions safely.

  • 8. Paw Patrol Valentines, $6 for 32, Amazon

Paw Patrol Valentines Cards


If Ryder, Marshall and Chase are some of your kid's favorite pups, they're sure to love these Paw Patrol Valentines.

  • 9. Drama Llama Postcard Book, $12 for 12, Amazon

Drama Llama Valentine's Day Postcard Book


These postcard-sized llama Valentines will make your little drama llama the hit of the Valentine's Day party.

  • 10. Valentine's Cards with Mailbox, $10, Walmart

Valentine Cards and Mailbox for Classroom Exchange


Available in other designs on Amazon .

Grab everything they need in one go with this set of Valentines and a festive mailbox for exchanging cards at school. The set includes 32 cards and a separate card for the teacher.

  • 11. Secret Admirer Classroom Valentines, $14 for 15, Minted

Secret Admirer Classroom Valentine's


These secret admirer Valentines from Minted are an adorable way for your little one to reveal his admiration for his classmates.

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