Siri Daly's morning skin care routine includes this $12 face roller

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March 11, 2019, 5:32 PM GMT

/ Source: TODAY

By Kayla Boyd

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Forget face masks — for Siri Daly it's all about "Ice Ice Baby."

The TODAY contributor, cookbook author and wife to Carson Daly took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to talk about the affordable ice face roller that can only be described as "amazing."

ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eyes, $12, Amazon

ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eyes



“After you stay up until 1 o’clock cleaning your marathon day of cooking. This is amazing," Daly said in the video clip.

The Esarora Ice Roller is meant to help with a range of things including decreasing puffiness, redness and wrinkles; soothing sunburns; shrinking pores and offering relief from migraines and pain.

Daly told TODAY she came across the product on Instagram. "I one-clicked it on Amazon almost instantly a few weeks ago and have been using it daily ever since," she said.

"My favorite time to use it is in the morning, even before coffee, and I've noticed it does wonders in decreasing puffiness," she added. "It's also a great way to increase circulation in your face, not to mention it feels AMAZING."

Serve a food again and again. If your child rejects a new dish, don't give up hope. You may have to offer it another six, eight, or even 10 times before he eats it and decides he likes it.

Daly showed her followers how she uses the Ice Roller while singing its praises Sunday.

Siri Daly/Instagram

The best time to use it? "The morning after one-too-many glasses of wine!" Daly joked.

The trendy gadget's really easy to use, too. Simply store the removable roller head in the freezer and take it out when your skin needs a little TLC. Roll the cool bar over tired skin for a quick pick me up.

When we asked Daly if she uses any other products with her ice roller, she shared that she always puts a facial serum on after. "Eventually, I follow that with tinted moisturizer and I'm good to go!"

Now that's a morning routine we can get behind!

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