Separated families ever feel like your kids would rather be with the other parent? : Parenting

It legitimately feels like my son (7) would rather be at his dads house because he gets to sit and watch tv all day... unless my SO and I have a family trip or something planned my son doesn’t seem to want to be here. My SO and I both work full time and are both in school ourselves. My ex works full time too but his SO doesn’t work at all and neither of them are in school so they have more time.

My SO and I make my son study, read, do chores around the house, all things you should teach your kid how to do in our opinion. He doesn’t complain about these things but when he’s here he’ll ask m almost every day if we want to go do something (movies, gym, Park, etc) and of we don’t yell say things like he can’t wait to go back to his dads house. It hurts because we’re working our butts off and trying to save money for the family vacation plus school costs.

Remember: Kids will be kids. Kids will make mistakes using media. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a teachable moment. But some indiscretions, such as sexting, bullying, or posting self-harm images, may be a red flag that hints at trouble ahead. Parents must observe carefully their children's behaviors and, if needed, enlist supportive professional help, including the family pediatrician.

TLDR: it really feels like my son only wants to be here when we’re doing something fun and I try not to let it bother me but it really does. I just want to know if I’m alone or wrong in feeling like this.