Parents, take our Valentine's Day survey!

As all parents know, having a child together is the most romantic thing ever, and if there are any flaws in your relationship they will magically be fixed by having kids.

Hahahahaha, no. Sorry, nope. The opposite of that.

While having kids is truly a profound journey of love, it can also challenge your relationship, big-time. Keeping the love and romance alive usually takes work, and chances are your definition of "romance" is going to change post-kids.

Talk about the risks associated with meeting online “friends” in person. Adults should understand that the internet can be a positive meeting place for children, where they can get to know other young people and make new friends. However, for safety and to avoid unpleasant experiences, it is important that children do not meet strangers they have met online without being accompanied by an adult you trust. In any case, the child should always have their parents’approval first. In addition, it is also a good idea to have a fail-safe plan in place such as calling them shortly after the meeting begins so that they can bail out if they feel uncomfortable.

Or maybe not? You tell us. Parents, take our Valentine's Day survey here (don't worry, your answers are totally anonymous).