Mum’s Instagram deleted after posting photos of son, 3, at the beach

Two of her photos of topless young children were deleted, then her whole account disappeared.

Gold Coast mum Holly Vaggs has been left shattered after her Instagram account was shut down because of photos of her topless son.

The mum blogger has lost access to more than 1000 photos and sentimental captions after posting two semi-nude pictures of children that the social media company deemed 'against guidelines'.

Holly, who shares her life raising two boys - son Otto, 3, and nephew Theo, 4 - had built a following of 11,000 followers and new friendships and framed three years worth of memories.

She is stunned it is now gone.

"I just felt shocked. It was an innocent photo of my son at the beach," she tells Kidspot.

"I used Instagram as a virtual photo album, so that one day my boys could easily see it and read about memories, read about our life.

"(Instagram) has been too tough, especially in the last photo there was nothing bad about it."


Holly and her son; and two boys. Source: Instagram.

"I didn’t realise nipples were a big no-no"

It all started when Holly posted a close-up, topless photo of Otto at the beach.

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It got deleted because it didn't "follow Community Guidelines”. She was warned if she violated guidelines again, her account "may be restricted or disabled”.

She uploaded the same photo again, with a ‘censored’ bar across her toddler’s nipples, with a tongue-in-cheek caption.

"I know, I know, I should have known better than to upload a photo of my three-year-old son acting super sexy and seductive on the beach flashing his nipples to the world,” she wrote.

“In my defence, I didn’t realise nipples were a big no-no (no one seems to report my stories when my nip accidentally slips)."

She later posted a photo of her holding her young baby with topless indigenous children, it also had a location sticker saying ‘Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory' covering one of the children’s chest.

This picture was soon deleted as well.


Holly reloaded the original pic 'censored' which was OK to stay, but then posted this second picture of topless children, so her account was disabled. Source: Holly Vaggs.

Then her account was gone

Next moment, she couldn’t log in to her account.

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"It's three years of memories, friendships and over 1000 photos and words, all gone," she says.

“My photos are not inappropriate, I make sure I don’t share photos of them naked.

“I’m sad for the boys too, what sort of world will they be growing up in? Where people think a boy having no shirt on at the beach is inappropriate.”


The instamum shares photos of her life raising her son, Otto, and nephew, Theo. Source: Holly Vaggs.

Holly suspects a troll

While Instagram has given Holly new friendships, it's also given her trouble.

“I’ve had a few problems with fake accounts in the past. Someone has obviously just been reporting my photos that I post," she says.

"I don’t think it’s because they actually think it’s inappropriate- more so someone just trying to sabotage my account.

"Instagram can be a nasty place."

Holly has tried contacting Instagram, but is yet to get a response.

She said she’ll start over but it would be a battle if photos keep getting reported and she doesn't know who is behind it.

Kidspot has contacted Instagram for comment.

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