Mums are freaking out over LOL Surprise doll with a penis

Should dolls for kids have body parts?

A teeny weeny penis on a LOL Surprise doll is upsetting mums.

Several posted images of the 'Scribbles' doll to the LOL Surprise Facebook page saying the penis on the doll was 'unacceptable'.

"I had this same experience with my 4-year-old and this same toy over the a supposed 'reputable' company this shouldn’t be anything that should be marketed. I’m sure mostly girls play with these toys and as a mom This is unacceptable for my daughter,'' one mother wrote.


The tiny penis on the Scribbles doll. Source: Facebook.

Warning on the package that the doll has a package?

The popular dolls are 'mystery' presents, which children unwrap to reveal a collectable, themed doll.

Another said there should be a warning on the packaging. "I would've just liked a heads up on the packaging that's all. We're expecting a boy in february so our 6 year old daughter would've been exposed to seeing boy parts during a diaper change but still. I just was caught off gaurd (sic).''

Another's child had an issue with seeing a penis on the doll. "My 10 year old 'didn't want to see boys parts'. Yes she knows what a penis is ect, but if SHE didn't want to see this: BIG ISSUE.''

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The LOL Surprise doll in question with his clothes on. Source: Ebay.

'Barbie has boobs'

One mum though couldn't see the issue with the boy doll having a penis.

"What's the problem with it?'' she wrote . "Ken had a buldge (sic) in the front of his pants and Barbie has boobs but nobody complains about that? Boys play with these dolls too. I think it's great that they are including them. Personally I don't see the problem. The girls have a hole to tinkle from. What were they supposed to do with the boys?''

Which begs the question, should dolls for children have body parts?