Mum upset after friend 'trashes' her expensive donated clothes

“I told her I ‘baby’ these clothes. I am meticulous about stains, and they have never been in the dryer.”

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If you give someone a gift, do you have any say in what they do with it?

Most people would say no, but one unhappy mum took to Facebook to share her gifting regret.

Facebook page Sanctimommy shared a screenshot of the epic rant with the mother's details obscured.

The mother shared a problem she was dealing with, the problem was not knowing what to do with her child's clothes after she outgrew them.

She used to give her hand me downs to her neighbour who she says has three kids and money is tight.

“I told her I ‘baby’ these clothes. I am meticulous about stains, and they have never been in the dryer,” she writes.

Unfortunately, her neighbour didn't have the same 'meticulous' approach to the children' clothing and the woman says the next time she saw her, the clothes were 'trashed.' A sight which apparently left her close to tears.

"Her DD (darling daughter) was eating a horrid blue ice cream cone smeared all over a $100 outfit," she explains. "I have never seen her kids were it again so I'm sure it is ruined. "

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The woman's post on Facebook: Source: Sanctimommy Facebook.

The woman says she is particularly angry because the other mum doesn't have a job, therefore she feels she has no excuse not to look after the clothes.

“If I have the time to hang, steam, press every outfit, then she could, too,” she said, before adding: "Now I have boxes of very nice upscale clothing I have no idea what to do with."

Commenters on the Sanctimommy page were quick to make light of the woman's extremely first world problems.

"Who in the hell presses and steams children's clothing?" wrote one.

"Maybe the Smithsonian will take them and put them behind a glass case for their 'moms of the 21st century who were a little too extra' exhibit," joked another.

What do you think? Does the giver get a say in how a gift is used?