Mum hospitalised after sippy cup explodes

She was about to give the cup to her one-year-old son when it exploded in her face.

A mum was filling up her son's sippy cup with milk when it exploded in her face, leaving her with chemical burns.

Dzevada Becirovic says the battery in the Nuby 360° Insulated Light-up Wonder Cup blew up, injuring her face, hands and lungs.

“I was just standing right here, I grabbed milk out of the fridge — just regular milk, I went and poured it,” the mum-of-three told KTVB . “Turned around to put the milk back, I turned around to grab the lid and I was about to put it on it and it blew.”

“It was super scary. I immediately couldn't breathe - my lungs were on fire, my throat, I couldn’t stop coughing,” she said.

Dzevada, from Idaho in the US, she's just lucky she hadn't given it to her one-and-a-half-year-old son, who was nearby.


Mum Dzevada said she's not after money, she just wants to warn other parents. Source: CBS17/YouTube

“It did a lot of damage and what that would have done in his hands, I don't even want to imagine. I really don't,” she said. "I'm scared to death of something like this happening again with another product or another toy or happening to somebody else."

Looks so kid friendly

Her son loved the cup, she said.

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“I was actually thinking about going and buying another one. He loved them. They light up, they definitely look kid-friendly," she said. "They've got a cute design on there."

She wants the cups removed from the shelves, saying the lithium battery exploded, burning a hole through the bottom of the cup.


The sippy cup had a hole blown out of the bottom, the mum-of-three said. Source: CBS17/YouTube

She said she used it correctly

The company that manufactures the cups, Luv n’ Care, told KTVB that this is the first complaint they've had and that they don’t believe that the explosion was caused by a faulty product.

But Dzevada said she never microwaved the cup or put it in the dishwasher. "It's obviously not a safe product,'' she said.

The company said they will investigate the explosion further.

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