Mum horrified by dolls with penises and vaginas

They are pretty realistic!

Looks like dolls with penises are set to become a bit of an internet thing now. Brace yourselves.

Hot on the heels of the LOL Surprise Doll with a penis that shocked mums everywhere last week, another doll with a penis is rocking the internet.

And this time there’s a vagina in the mix as well!

Raynell Miller, a mother from Florida, has posted a picture of twin boy and girl dolls that she bought her daughter for Christmas, each sporting a rather vivid set of genitalia.

Smh so I bust open this box of twin dolls I ordered online for my baby and Lawd have mercy 🤨 is this is what the world...

Posted by Raynell Miller on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"I just thought they were child friendly!" the shocked Mum wrote on Facebook. Source: Facebook

"Is this what the world comes to now?"

She wrote:

“Smh so I bust open this box of twin dolls I ordered online for my baby and Lawd have mercy is this is what the world comes to now?” she began.

“Making dolls with the actual private parts for children? When I purchased them, they came with various doll accessories to go with the dolls and the reviews didn’t mention about anything about the extra stuff so I guess I just thought they were child friendly. But silly me huh lol Smh.”

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“I’m glad I examined them before she got a chance to play with it!! Granted, the girl doll would have been fine since she has that part but my lil girl ain’t ready to be playing with dolls who has their dicks out 😏 #Nah #ReturningToSender# #Amazon# #ThisAintThat #ILearnedMyOnlineShoppingLessonToday”


But most commenters think the mum might be overreacting.

“If it’s not inappropriate for my child to have a ‘private part’ then it’s not inappropriate for the doll they play with to have one,” wrote one observer. “The only people who have an issue with this are people who find nudity inherently sexual.”

Another wrote: “I honestly don’t see them problem. This can be a teaching and learning experience.”

But a number agreed with the original poster.

“Slowly taking away children’s innocence!” wrote one.

“That’s a bit much. Society today is really outrageous,” wrote another.

The post comes after another doll shocked the internet with its teeny tiny peepee last week.


The LOL Surprise Doll. Source: eBay

"My 10 year old 'didn't want to see boys parts’,” one mum wrote of the LOL Surprise Doll’s genitalia. “Yes she knows what a penis is etc, but if SHE didn't want to see this: BIG ISSUE.''

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