Kylie Jenner’s BF Travis Scott Was Freaked Out by Placenta

Childbirth is pretty messy. So it’s understandable that Travis Scott was a little freaked out when he watched his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, deliver their daughter, Stormi, in February.

The rapper, 27, revealed on the Monday, November 12, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he was petrified of the placenta. “I was so fearful of that,” Scott admitted. “But I cut the umbilical cord.” (The placenta is an organ that develops in a woman’s uterus during pregnancy and provides oxygen and nutrients to the baby. It is expelled shortly after a woman gives birth.)

Travis Scott and Ellen DeGeneres

Scott praised Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, who was also in the room when Stormi, now 9 months, made her debut. “She held it down because it was so scary,” the hip hop star explained. “She walked me through the whole process.” Scott later referred to Kris as “Mama KJ” and gushed, “she’s the best.”


All of Scott’s fears seemed to vanish when he held Stormi in his arms for the first time. “Going into it, I was nervous and scared, because we’re both young,” he explained on Monday. “But you know, when you first hold a baby in your arms, it’s uncontrollable. I never thought I could just love something so hard, ya know? It’s crazy.”

Kylie, 21, and her boyfriend hope to be decorating another nursery in the coming months. “They’re actively trying for another,” a source told Us Weekly in October. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO has her fingers crossed for a little girl.

“I want her to have a really feminine name,” she told fans during a Snapchat Q&A in October. “That’s all I know.”