'Is 10 am too early to open a bottle of wine?'

Some were bothered by the time of day, others questioned what would happen if she needed to pick up the kids, but there's more to the story. What do you think?

What mum doesn't joke about guzzling down a bottle of wine at the end of the week? Some of the most popular memes going around social media relate to mums needing 'wine time' or waiting for 'wine o'clock'.

But one mum has asked a question about wine o'clock which has the internet divided.

How does addiction work?


How does addiction work?

"I'll read, catch up on some TV"

Posting to parenting forum, Mumsnet , the woman said she is interested in what people think about her opening a bottle of wine at 10am.

"Once and sometimes twice a week at 10am I will crack open a bottle of wine and have two or three glasses over a few hours," wrote the woman.

"I'll read, catch up on some TV and other stuff and just relax and enjoy."

She explained that she does this because it's the only time she gets to herself as her kids are at school. She doesn't drink after everyone gets home around 4pm, and refrains from alcohol on weekends too.

Eat at least one meal as a family each day. Sitting down at the table together is a relaxed way for everyone to connect - a time to share happy news, talk about the day, or tell a silly joke. It also helps your kids develop healthy eating habits.

She estimates she probably drinks around 16 units per week.

"I know if I was to tell anyone this they'd think I had a problem and needed a drink first thing in the morning," she continued, "but I don't."

"It's about four or five days before I'll have a glass of wine again since the last one."

The woman, quite bravely, asked the good people of Mumsnet what their thoughts are on it and the reactions were mixed.

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The woman reads and unwinds while she can. Image: iStock.

"Drinking at 10am is not OK"

Many saw the time of the day as the biggest issue.

"Unless it's Christmas or you are on holiday, drinking at 10am is not OK," commented one person.

Another said they like a drink themselves, but cam hold out until the early evening, adding, "If I drank the fat end of a bottle of wine before lunch I'd be knackered by 2."

Some questioned what would happen if there was an emergency and she had to collect her kids from school after having a few wines before lunch time.

"I wouldn’t think it strange"

"Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them." - Oscar Wilde

Others were supportive, pointing out that the quantity was not an issue, and she's not drinking at night, so what's the big deal?

"As long as you're genuinely only having 16 units a week I don't suppose it matters if you have them morning or afternoon," said one person, "so I don't know why it seems a bit weird!"

"I'm a lone drinker, same amount, but start at 4," added another. "Can't see the difference if you can manage."

One responded: "I wouldn’t think it strange but only because I used to work odd hours and me and a colleague, on Tuesdays at 10 o’clock in the morning, would go to the pub and have a few drinks. It was our equivalent of Friday after work drinks."

The woman clarified that her pattern has not escalated and she does not drive on the days that she drinks. Her children don't require collecting from school and she is not drunk when they arrive around 4pm.

She also raised a very valid point when she asked, "What if I met a girl friend for lunch and had two glasses in a shorter space of time. Is that socially acceptable then?"

What do you think? Has wine o'clock gone so far that we need to drink during the day, or is it OK given she doesn't drink excessively, and nobody is being harmed in any way?

Remember that discipline is not punishment. Enforcing limits is really about teaching kids how to behave in the world and helping them to become competent, caring, and in control.