I'm looking for cabinet locks to prevent my 18 year old digging through kitchen cabinets. : Parenting

INSTANT EDIT: oh my gosh I wrote "18 year old" in the title.


So as much as I think it's really cute where my daughter can toss out 20-40 plastic grocery bags from the bottom drawer in the kitchen and then sit in it happily...I am picking up container lids, bags, baby supplies, sauce pans, sauce lids, etc everyday.

My old rental had child prevention devices on the cabinets. They were awesome. However, we bought a house. Our cabinets have no handles or knobs. And I also really don't want to drill/screw anything to our cabinets on the inside to get a mechanism operational.

So, no handles to latch onto. And no drilling/screwing. What's left? Some sort of sticky tape/goop to apply the lock? Basically my goal is for when my daughter gets older or when we move, no one will know we had child locks, I want to be able to remove them when they are no longer needed.

Amazon seems to be 10 bucks or so for a 4pack after some quick research so I'm hoping I can hear some Reddit opinions/suggestions before I spent 20-40 dollars on something that works poorly.

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