Five things only mums who love true crime will understand

Some people just don't get it, but that's ok, because you are awesome.

Look, it might not be the healthiest hobby, but everyone has their weird quirks right? For some people (brilliant, smart people like us) that means having a morbid fascination with true crime and everything related to it. Here are some things that the other non murder-obsessed mums just don't get.

1. Picking a baby name is hard in a different way

While some parents reject names of people they know ("Ew, no, I went to school with a Rachel and she was really annoying") you have other things to consider.

"Richard? Are you serious? As in Ramirez?"

"Rose? Like Rose West? Why don't we just skip ahead and put the kid straight into therapy, what is wrong with you?"

2. The other women in your mother's group aren't interested in your theories

You have it all figured out. You don't need to watch a new documentary on Madeleine Mccann , you've already got a binder full of notes that point conclusively and without doubt to what exactly happened that night. So why don't the other gals seem keen to sit through your fascinating slideshow at mother's group? Do they not want this mystery solved? What is wrong with them?


Ok, great, now let's move on to the DNA evidence - or lack thereof. Picture: FX

Give appropriate praise. Instead of simply saying, "You're great," try to be specific about what your child did to deserve the positive feedback. You might say, "Waiting until I was off the phone to ask for cookies was hard, and I really liked your patience."

3. You forget to bring spare clothes on a trip out of the house but you have a failsafe plan to escape any attack

Ok, maybe you don't always pack the bibs or the wipes, maybe you aren't prepared if junior has an epic poonami, but damn it, you are prepared for any attack from any angle. You register who's suspicious, you make a mental note of everyone's heights and descriptions, you take sneaky photos of license plates.

Is that woman really pregnant? Or is it a fake stomach so she can snatch a baby?

Why is that man wearing that wide brim hat? It's not that sunny

Those serial killers will have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one over on you.

4. Your kids recognise the theme songs of all your favourite podcasts

Whoops. You thought your little one was zoned out and not paying attention while you listened to Casefile in the car, turns out they were, and now you have to bribe them with a lot of chocolate to not tell anyone at school that you're a terrible mother.

Speaking of podcasts, check out My Father, The Murderer a podcast from Whimn.

Tina Fey (mom to daughter Alice): “I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible - oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.”

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman using a cellphone

I can't come to bed yet, honey, I think I've found a match on some dental records from 1973. Picture: iStock.

5. You're even more tired than regular mothers

Why? Because you are up half the night reading through every shred of evidence about an unsolved murder because you think that even though the police couldn't figure it out, you've got a lot of experience and you think you should be able to crack it (Seriously, I once spent like 8 hours scouring through online records on a hunch, it turned out it wasn't a good use of my time).

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