Baby shower ideas: The 10 best themes for boys and girls

For expectant moms (and dads, too!) the baby shower is an important event where friends and family can celebrate your impending addition. For soon-to-be parents, it's also a chance to socialize with all of the VIP's in your circle prior to your life being taken over by a demanding little person whose main job is to eat, sleep and steal your heart!

Planning your baby shower (or the baby shower of a sibling or friend) doesn't have to be a stressful ordeal. Check out the 10 best baby shower themes we've seen lately and use them as a jumping off point for adding your own games, decorations and other personalized touches!

Our 10 favorite baby shower theme ideas

  • 1. Carnival Baby Shower

This adorable and totally fun theme will have guests stepping right up to enjoy an unforgettable day celebrating your little barker-to-be!

  • 2. Victorian Baby Shower

With elegant touches, a Victorian-inspired baby shower will give your guests a fancy vibe without feeling stuffy. Take note: opulent dessert tables are a perfect choice for this ladylike — or gentlemanly — event!

  • 3. Rock n' Roll Baby Shower

Julia Roberts (mom to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus): “I try to call my mother, Betty, with more regularity because I think, What if Hazel didn’t call me for two weeks? I’m able to see her mothering now from a different vantage point.”

What better way to celebrate your little rocker-to-be than with a totally rockin' baby shower? Guests will be screaming for an encore when you add unique touches like these record decorations and tiny rock star t-shirts.

  • 4. Yoga Baby Shower

What expectant mom couldn't use a gentle flow, especially as it gets harder to see your own toes. Bonus points for henna on the belly!

  • 5. Valentine Baby Shower

Even if your bundle of joy isn't due anytime near February 14, you can still go all out with the love and hearts theme. This one works really well particularly if you know your little sweetheart is a girl!

  • 6. Bro Baby Shower

What could be cooler than friends showering the dad-to-be as he awaits the arrival of his new addition? Props to any bros who actually get decorations and maybe even matching plates and napkins.

  • 7. Wet and Wonderful Baby Shower

Pay attention at age 14. That's when most kids start to resist peer influence and flex the think-for-myself muscle, rather than simply following the leader, according to a study published in Developmental Psychology. Want to help strengthen that muscle at any age? Put screens aside and circle the wagons every night. Ask, "What's new with your friends?" This will (here's hoping, if he talks) give you a chance to decode what's happening behind the scenes and offer support.

Water is not just for birthing babies. A baby shower at a lake or spa can be extremely relaxing for guests and moms-to-be.

  • 8. Moroccan Baby Shower

Expectant moms will love sitting on pillows surrounded by luxurious drapery at this opulent party. And who knows, the spicy food just might put her into labor.

  • 9. Garden Party Baby Shower

A simple and classic idea, having a baby shower in a pretty garden means that the surrounding flowers and greenery can be your decorations. Add a flowy white dress like this one and you're sure to feel beautiful on this special day.

  • 10. Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually associated with warm spring days, but there's no reason your winter shower can't be magical. Snowflakes and holly can be a festive and cozy way to welcome your newest addition to the family.