'Baby Shark' girl who stole our hearts with adorable Alexa request visits TODAY

Little Zoé Turner is only 2, but she knows what she wants from her Alexa device: to have it play "Baby Shark" all day, every day.

See 'Baby Shark' toddler steal hearts once more on TODAY

The instant earworm song from Pinkfong! Kid's Songs and Stories is the delight of the sweet little girl, and a video of her struggling to make Alexa understand her request has gone viral — so TODAY invited both Zoé and her parents, Cryssy and Keith, for a visit!

Despite what you might see in the video, Zoé was able to make TODAY's Alexa pull the song up right away.

And then everybody got into the act, including actor Jason Segel, who was hanging out on the set awaiting his turn to chat!

Cryssy says she blames her mother for setting this all in motion.

"My mom's the one who told me to put (the video) up on Facebook. She said, 'That's the kind of stuff that goes viral.'"

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Big thumbs-up to grandma, then: The video now has over 13 million views since Oct. 15.

Zoé's been total shark bait for the song for some time, which means the song is hopelessly embedded in her parents' heads.

"I'm singing it at work, I'm singing it in the car ... (Cryssy's) like, 'What are you singing?'" Keith admitted.

Hoda Kotb just couldn't get enough of Zoe Turner, seen here with dad Keith and mom Cryssy.

Hoda Kotb just couldn't get enough of Zoe Turner, seen here with dad Keith and mom Cryssy.

"He's like, mumbling under his breath," laughed Cryssy.

Hilarious side note: It looks like Zoé's request on TODAY triggered at least one fan's Alexa!

The original "Baby Shark" video is a big hit too. It's been viewed over 1.8 billion times on YouTube.

Celebs and parents are going crazy over 'Baby Shark' song

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