Am I being too hard? : Parenting

For the last two weeks I've been telling my nine years old to clean her room and organize. We've just moved into our house, and she unpacked her things, but just threw things all around.

Yesterday I told her to start putting things where they needed to go. I told her to start with the easiest. Her clothes. All she had to do was put her clothes away in her dresser. She told me she did. My mistake was not checking. I trusted she did that simple task. Today after I had told her what she needed to do, she just sat up in her room. She's had all morning. So I go in there to find that she hasn't started anything. I told her if her room was not cleaned and organized by Christmas we weren't opening presents.

For two hours she's been upstairs not doing anything but crying. I told her she can be upset with me. She can be sad, and she can cry. But the longer she sits, the longer it'll take for her to finish. She wanted to go out with her father today to shop, but now she's doing this since she didn't do it this morning like she was asked. I told her this was the consequences of her actions. She can not blame anyone but herself now. She's been told for two weeks what to do.

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I'm not the type of parent to make her clean an overwhelming amount of mess in one day. I will allow her to do a little at a time. This last week even I've been trying to get her to clean a little before bed, or right before dinner. I'm am extremely frustrated.