Abby Gilmore shares some exciting news

The popular blogger is expecting her third baby with partner Leighroy.

It's been a big few years for blogger, Abby Gilmore. In early 2017 Abby and her husband, football player Jake Stringer separated just weeks after the birth of their second baby. Months later Abby would reveal the toxic situation behind their relationship ending, including allegations of gambling addictions and cheating.

Over the next year Abby fought to reclaim her power and independence as a single woman, writing for Kidspot:

"I suppose like all single parents it was never the ‘plan’ to go it alone but that’s just part of the process in trying to figure out life and trusting that whatever is thrown at you, it’s going to be OK.

"I’ve come a long way since the initial split. Announcing it to the public after hiding it for so long made it really real and the shock of losing that person who you count on for everything really started to set in."

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A new start, a new body, a new love

After the split Abby has been incredibly open about her journey towards confidence and self-acceptance, even writing about her breast implants for Kidspot and revealing that she had met someone new.

"I don't want to sound like I was unhappy with my body as body image is a massive issue that I think many struggle with, but if you've followed my journey the last nine months you'll see that all I've been doing is trying to work hard building myself back to a happy, bubbly confident person again.

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Lucky for me, I found a man who loves me for all my flaws! Leigh appreciated what my body had gone through and in no way contributed to me wanting my boobs done. This was something I was doing for ME."

Since then she's shared the way Leigh has bonded with her children and they had formed a beautiful blended family unit. She also shared her previous tragedies, writing that she had four miscarriages before the age of 25.

Exciting news!

That's why today's announcement on Instagram is even more joyous, Abby and Leigh are expecting their own bundle of joy.

"Pssst...!! Guess what... In 20 weeks time, I get to watch the light of my life become a Daddy ‘FOR REAL’ as Milla likes to say, and we just can’t wait!!!"

Congratulations guys, we can't wait to see pregnancy updates and meet your little one in a few months.